What you can expect…

Your wedding should be all about you (and your partner….obviously!) It should be perfect and incorporate all the things you’ve dreamed of. The process of choosing your wedding flowers shouldn’t be any different. I offer a fully inclusive creative process, you will be at the centre of all decisions made.

We’ll start with getting all those gorgeous ideas you have down on paper and getting to know each other a little better. If you live locally, why not do it over coffee? Or Skype, or traditional email if you’d prefer – what ever works for you! We’ll work out together what’s going to work best, the colour scheme and overall style you want….and what’s feasible (doves flying out of the bouquets possibly not!) And we’ll discuss the finishes and/or accessories and then price up your package.

Throughout the process, I will send you updates and photos via email or message to ensure you are happy with every aspect of what I’ve created. These are the times to tell me what you really think – don’t worry about offending me, perfection is exactly what I strive for!

Creation of your bouquets and accessories will generally begin 8-10 weeks before the big day and I aim to have your finished bouquets with you 2-3 weeks before the wedding. This way you’ll be able to check flowers off your list (how satisfying) and maybe even be able to take them for the final fitting of your dress….cue the tears.

And then…….you GET MARRIED holding the most perfect bunch of flowers imaginable because you helped created them and they’ll last forever!

And they all live happily ever after x x