About me and paper bouquets

Why paper flowers?

I’m Abby and I love weddings, I also love paper flowers. They last forever and are such a wonderful keepsake of the day. So it seemed to make sense to make paper flowers for weddings….so here we are!

Weddings are some of the happiest times of peoples lives, it was the same for me. So much of my wedding was handmade so I could make sure no-one else would have the same – so important right? And it was such a wonderful, wonderful day.

At the time of my wedding I hadn’t discovered my love for paper flowers, that came a little later when I created the bouquets for my best friends wedding. Seeing how happy she was with the bouquets gave me the passion to do it again and again. My style has developed a lot since then and I have worked hard on my trademark rose which feature in most of my bouquets. I am excited to be working on some new flowers to include in the collection.

But what’s with the name, I hear you say?! Well, I absolutely love buttons (they’re always within my designs somewhere) and when I was pregnant with my daughter I named my bump Birdy and….it sounds CUTE!

Thanks for taking a look, I hope you love them as much as I do x x